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Haile Clay is an expert in behavioral training. In 2004, Haile realized the need for a platform as a clearinghouse for all behavioral protocols, devices, products and APIs, when his family was hit with a series of devastating behavior and lifestyle related diseases. At that point, Haile dedicated his life to finding a technology solution for applied Behavioral Intelligence. After two years of research and Masters studies, Haile joined the global leader in behavioral training, becoming an observer, controller/trainer in the U.S. Army. After 8 years as a soldier and training over 7,500 soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, Haile joined the Veterans Affairs Hospital in mental health administration to learn the realities of Behavioral Intelligence from lifestyle change and addiction cessation to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder recovery, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In his role at the VA Hospital, Haile is also an Automated Data Processing Applications Coordinator (ADPAC) for all automated processes of patient care including medical devices, applications and computer systems. Prior to founding FuriousITS, Haile was the founder and President of a full service marketing agency. Haile has served as principal marketing and graphic designer for over 30 companies, including SMART Modular Technologies, a Fortune 100 company and manufacturer of DRAM computer memory modules that was acquired by Solectron. Haile has designed public relations/marketing materials and websites for one of Inc. Magazine’s “141 Best Sites on the Web” and Fortune Magazine’s "Silicon Valley Fast 50 Privately Held Companies.”


Brian Golter is the author of “Your Right Job, Right Now” and former President of Brian Golter & Associates, a successful Silicon Valley placement agency where Brian made over 1,500 successful, direct-hire placements and specialized in counseling companies on how to hire and foster innovation.  This experience gives Brian a unique perspective on what makes a company successful and its employees motivated and engaged. Brian’s dedication to the fields of innovation and behavioral change combined with his entrepreneurial spirit give him a thorough appreciation for both loyalty and risk-taking and how to balance the two to enhance a thriving work environment.  Brian is an expert in the FuriousITS technology and has used the platform to deploy solutions for CED Greentech, Jeremiah’s Promise, Danger Company, the County of San Mateo and College of San Mateo.


Dashu Huang is armed with a double Master’s in Software Engineering and Computer Science from Peking University, Beijing, China and University of San Francisco.  Dashu is an expert at learning systems, LAMP stack, database, and open source operating systems. Dashu’s experience includes educational training systems, Internet apps, and integrated operating systems with leading education and training tools such as Blackboard and Moodle.


Participate in Global Applied Behavioral Intelligence.

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