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The HexagonLogic Platform Tailored to Need

    1. isoDomains are social media websites for a durable content format called isoBlogs.  isoDomains, like, are market and industry specific verticals running on HexagonLogic.  Each isoDomain has tailored categories, variables and lingo along with preset codes, goals, hypotheses, assessments and elements. Users use isoDomains to create and catalog isoBlogs, along with user defined communities, teams, groups and isoSites.

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isoDomains Tailored to Need

    1. isoSites are sites on an isoDomain that feature a users specific library of isoBlogs and communities, teams and groups.  isoSites Control Panel enable users to control users access, run reports and analyze data, promote isoBlogs and communities, groups and teams, and mass upload elements and members.

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Market and brand tailored deployments of the HexagonLogic™ platform