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When San Mateo County came to us their problem was that transition-age foster youth didn’t want to listen to older adults and, developmentally, they wanted independence yet they needed structured support and guidance or they tended to falter in achieving what most of us take for granted.


Comments from the professionals: 

  1. “I am so excited for the youth and for isoBlogs to continue. I think every youth/young adult should have the opportunity to do this. Congrats to you!” - Raysean Ford, MSW, Director, Independent Living Program for Transition-Age Foster Youth, San Mateo County Children and Family Services.

  2. “Awesome! That’s all I can say. Thank you for your continued partnership.” - John Fong, MSW, Social Work Supervisor, Transition-Age Foster Youth, San Mateo County Children and Family Services.

Comments from the isoBloggers: 

  1. “With each task every day, I was able to learn and gain something new about myself.” 

  2. “I liked the feedback (to daily isoBlogs JP posted confidentially to individuals) and also the weekly calls (that were part of the Vision challenge).”

  3. “I enjoyed talking/writing about my feelings. I realized that foster youth have gone through a lot and that we are very strong.” 

  4. “Honestly, the best thing I liked about the (Vision) isoBlogs was that I was able to acknowledge my dream and pledge to achieve it. And I hope you make the Day 20 video longer. I didn’t want it to end! It got me!” 

  5. “I think the hands-on projects were helpful. We should do more! (The isoBlogs) gave me quotes, ideas and visions that helped me connect to my dreams and get more comfortable with myself.” 

  6. “Thank you. I truly appreciate your advice and how you’ve supported me through this course. I have really enjoyed it so far and am certainly learning more about myself and the desires I have for my future career and overall life!” 

  7. “I enjoyed the quote, “Turning Heartache into Triumph”. I really liked that JP allowed me to explore and find out a little bit about myself. I hope that I can learn to appreciate myself more. I have already have beaten the odds, so now I just have to continue my journey, which involves finding myself and pursing my dreams.” 

  8. “I liked the movies that were inspirational. I also liked the way (the isoBlog) encouraged me to really do what I want instead of what other people want.” 


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