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Using HexagonLogic™, our social media, enterprise platform for step-by-step training

When Your Right Job Right Now came to us their problem was to convert a book about the best practices of job search and career planning into training that effectively develops new behaviors, beliefs, motives and decisions to achieve maximum fulfillment in the workplace. 


“This isoBlog training has been a journey to the center of my fears and a complete dismantling of those fears by uncovering the lies and misconceptions that I harbor in my belief system.” 

“This training is measurable and, most importantly, gets results with a minimal amount of time."

“Isoblog training is unique in that it is interactive and team dependent. This format forces you to actually do something in real life with real situations…There is real skin in the game and that makes the learning stick.”

“Isoblogs are simple, yet they make you think about the end result and the tasks to get you there.”

“I know that when I do the isoBlog I can achieve heights that I would never have imagined before.”

“This training has completely changed how I approach everything in my work life from how I feel about what I’m trying to accomplish in the big picture to how I interact with my co-workers…It has given me a much higher degree of inner peace, satisfaction and faith in the brightness of my future.”

“Without this isoBlog I would have never gotten over my fears. I was living a false life. Since doing this isoBlog I can honestly say that I am excited about what tomorrow will bring.”

“Through this training, I’m getting over a lot of fears that have kept me down over the years…I’m getting closer and closer to my dreams everyday.”  


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