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Using HexagonLogic™, our social media, enterprise platform for step-by-step training

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When CED Greentech came to us their problem was that for more than 15 years, they had tried to improve gross profits, teamwork and office morale with online training, experts, books and traditional management methods but experienced no long-term results. The staff’s level of performance would always return to their previous level.


“I achieved the following sustainable results using Furious’ HexagonLogic solution: 

  1. More than doubled sales in one year ($17 million to $37 million) 

  2. Tripled profitability 

  3. Dramatically reduced stress levels among CED staff

  4. Broke bad habits within weeks or months that management had been unable to change with years of traditional training practices 

  5. Increased confidence in sales and support staff

  6. Overcame sales-related fears in our sales team

  7. Increased achievement and fulfillment among team members”

Greg Bennett