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Cloud distributed behaviors,

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About our platform: a cloud distributed behaviors platform for goals and results

HexagonLogic™ is a how-to, do-it-yourself, productivity, and training Internet platform as a service that has integrated one button, one place and one platform for goals in work, play and lifestyles.

Unlike to-do, eLearning and calendaring, HexagonLogic™ integrates doing, coaching, treating, educating and surveying into a single solution for achieving goals.

HexagonLogic™ is a free service except when organizations put content on our platform to reach and retain markets.

Because there is no Facebook for goals, we made HexagonLogic™: the Engine for Goals and Results.  HexagonLogic features include:

  1. Day Plan

  2. Share

  3. Create

  4. Store

  5. Manage

  6. Track

  7. Community

  8. Team

  9. Payment Engine

  10. Mobile App