HexagonLogic: the engine for goals and results...

User defined cloud distributed behaviors on an enterprise social media platform for step-by-step training


A User Defined Behaviors Platform for Goals and Results Distributed through a Network of isoSites and isoDomains on an isoDepot Hub

HexagonLogic™ is an Internet Platform as a Service that integrates how-to, to-do, eLearning, calendaring, surveying and sharing/micro blogging into a single solution for achieving goals in work, play and life.  It is like a user defined network of custom tailored Facebooks for goals.

We made HexagonLogic™ Your Engine for Goals and Results.  With HexagonLogic you can:

  1. Create a custom tailored isoDomain i.e. your own branded isoDoIt.com

  2. Load your content, ads and products into the platform

  3. Use one user account for all isoDomains on the platform

  4. Access all isoDomains through a central store at isoDepot.com

  5. Generate revenues on your isoDomain through the integrated payment engine

  6. Control access to your solution

  7. Wrap your isoDomain into a mobile app

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