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Crowd/private/public solutions to global behavioral issues.  An initiative where every human being can contribute to and benefit from behavioral artificial intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence is dangerous without datasets to serve as maps for provable behavioral solutions to socially beneficial goals, and it is useless without a source of behaviors that doesn’t include the Internet crowd.”  


Because of the isoVariant™ principles and evidence basis of isoBlogs, artificial intelligence will be able to pinpoint a current behavioral position and then calculate and deliver the safest and most efficient routes to achieve the desired, socially beneficial goals.  Given templates and standards as guides, AI will be able to create new isoBlogs to achieve behavioral goals that can be proven safe and effective by crowd participation.


Seed Global Behavioral Intelligence.


Providing the platform for a crowd/private/public partnership in artificial intelligence.

Imagine the crowd participating in creating and proving the solutions to the world’s greatest behavioral issues.

Unlocking the crowd’s role in behavioral intelligence, isoBlogs enable crowd participation in the development of the behavioral artificial intelligence to solve our most pressing issues in any industrial domain and every category of behavior. 

Taking advantage of the fact that every human activity shares the same logical architecture, crowd sourced behavioral intelligence plus artificial intelligence equals a global behavioral navigation system for socially beneficial goals.

Public institutions and private technology combined for social behavioral good.  The secret sauce: an interlocking system to create, modify and extend behavioral systems in infinite ways.

Behavioral intelligence is not just what to teach, but step-by-step how to teach, and how to apply and improve the lessons for global applications.

Behavioral artificial intelligence will require a database of proven safe and effective behaviors and a global initiative on the scale and scope of Wikipedia, where the crowd, private enterprise and public institutions collaborate for the accumulation of knowledge in the form of behaviors with socially beneficial goals.  Behaviors, however, are different than encyclopedia information in that they require an ecosystem in which to do them and a means to prove their safety and effectiveness.  isoBlogs, structured durable content behavioral forms, are the key to datasets that truly enable a global behavioral AI and our platform is the ecosystem that enables them. 

The solution: crowd/public/private participation in a commercially viable ecosystem of interlocking behaviors encapsulated in scientific data structures.

The key to the solution is tools to convert content into isomorphic invariant data structures.  This turns behavioral content into interlocking components that are combined for increasingly complex solutions that write their own standardized, research operationalized design.  The results are infinite crowd developed behavioral protocols and user samples that are available to be used and recombined by both humans and artificial intelligence to suit conditions, standards, performance steps, performance measures and after action reviews required by any situation.

At the core of our endeavor to improve the human condition through behavior is a global network of structured behaviors that are cataloged, studied, and integrated around socially beneficial goals.