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A social media, enterprise platform

for step-by-step training


    1. Health, science, technology and lifestyle experts are involved, responsive and completely committed to their community’s needs.  Getting information out to those who need it the most is their biggest goal and biggest hurdle.  These experts typically disseminate information through websites, books, seminars, lectures, papers, tweets and blogs - work that is both time consuming and limited in scope.  Their information is competing in a crowded online sea where distinguishing what advice is reliable is impossible.

    2. isoAffiliate Partners

    3. Affiliate Partners are key content providers featured on the platform and drive isoBlogs™ growth and subscription revenues on the platform.

    4. isoPlatform Partners

    5. Platform Partners are key product providers featured on the platform and drive element growth and product brands within the categories. 

    6. isoSites Partners

    7. isoSites™ are vital, broad user communities servicing related goals or areas of concentration such as specific product categories, related schools, activities, titles, departments, etc.

    8. isoDomain Partners

    9. isoDomains™ are top hierarchies, or hubs, of related isoSites™.  isoDomains™ are customized (categories, elements, details, and forms) to meet the needs of the partner and can be embedded into the partners web navigation.

  1. Furious is developing technology that allows our partners to:

    1. Manage their biggest issues on a central lifestyle dashboard and receive scientific user-based research

    2. Easily deploy online communities with best practices in behavior modification

    3. Target solutions to specific people wishing to make a real change

    4. Break life’s biggest issues down into manageable tasks that fit dynamic schedules and interrelated interests

    5. Deliver step-by-step instructions to communities of like-minded people moving together like never before seen

    6. Enjoy first to market and valuable insider advantages