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When Jeremiah’s Promise came to us their problem was to love, challenge and equip former foster youth for a better future by building an enduring foundation beneath college-bound students, ages 17 to 24, who have suffered immeasurably during their early years. 


  1. 1Jeremiah's Promise offers innovative, web-based coaching through The Next Step. The 10 courses, lasting 21 days each, are specific to the needs of transition-age foster youth or anyone who has suffered childhood abuse or neglect. JP also assists these emerging adults in Silicon Valley through college-based workshops and one-to-one meetings. Through each avenue of support, we strongly encourage youth to find a mentor and cultivate a reliable group of supportive friendships. We demonstrate how to develop the discernment, wisdom and courage to pursue life-giving relationships - something many of them knew little, if anything, about previously.

  2. 2About The Next Step, Web-Based Coaching, Experience:

    * "I liked the message of the Butterfly Circus video (in Turning Heartache into Triumph). I liked what the ringleader said, 'The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.' I say that to myself all the time now. It gives me hope."

    * "The videos helped. They each had a message that was good. And I liked the questions and quotes that followed the videos. This isoBlog made me think of my strengths, which I'm not used to doing. I can name my weaknesses easily, but I never stop to think about my strengths." Over all? "The subjects are real. I was able to relate to a lot of the situations, so that was awesome."

    * "I liked how the tasks started out simple and built upon each other. (The steps) give you time to reflect upon your past and present and allow you to plan for your future. I like how (the isoBlog) acknowledges that problems occur and that life isn't always easy.”

    * "I liked 'telling' my deepest thoughts to a computer. There is no expression from a computer, and that helped me vent and share my experiences and problems without fear of what someone would think." The movies "had important teaching messages. I look for that now when I'm watching movies." Over all? "I'm most proud of the fact that I had more potential than I realized.”

    * "We can sometimes get in our own way with excuses. We need to develop the habits now to do the things that we want down the road. Instead of just reading the book (Your Right Job Right Now) and having it be an idealistic theory, the training puts the theory into practice. Thank you for helping me align my dreams with reality!!!”

    * "I have more confidence in speaking up" (after completing Worthy of Respect). It helped me build my support group and increased my confidence."

    * "These quotes (from a step in Blind Spots, Baggage & Behavior) remind me of how life is and that the pain I had to deal with is healing."


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