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Inside isoBlogs:

  1. -Store/Catalog Location

  2. -Structured Goal

  3. -Structured Hypotheses

  4. -Variables

  5. Things being changed

  6. -Attributes

  7. Things affecting change

  8. -Level

  9. -Type

  10. -Phase

  11. -Environment

  12. -Elements

  13. -Zone

  14. -Duration

  15. -Form

  16. Performance Steps

  17. Responses

  18. -Price

Inside isoElements:

  1. -Store/Catalog Location

  2. -Item Description

  3. -Item Image

  4. -Item URL


Participate in Global Applied Behavioral Intelligence.

isoBlogs are interlocking, interactive, sequencing behavioral elements and steps

isoBlogs are to Internet content as Legos are to building blocks

Content vs. isoBlogs

elements and steps

isoBlogs forms:

isoBlogs forms are digital stem cells for all behaviors based on isoVariant principles (Isomorphic : different code or linguistics with shared value.  Invariant : a quantity or expression that is constant throughout a certain range of conditions).  Like Lego’s specialized pieces, isoBlogs make it possible to build increasingly complex behaviors limited only by the imagination.