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Imagine a world in which every human can contribute to and share in the accumulation of all behavioral intelligence.

The first thing to do to improve a way of doing anything, is to realize that you are operating within a timeless behavioral intelligence ecosystem, in a universe of infinite, socially beneficial routes to achieve goals.


We are creating a crowd sourced platform for the building blocks of any behavior with a socially beneficial goal.  This platform has been designed, with 14 years of applied research, to cross all domains and behavioral disciplines to act as a universal cataloging system and clearinghouse for all behavioral supplies, standards and technology.  This platform’s data will serve as a network of maps to succeed in behaviors.  In the future, when provided goals and conditions, artificial intelligence will be able to leverage these maps to calculate the best step-by-step directions to arrive at the desired end results most safely and efficiently.  In essence, we are supplying the foundation for a crowd sourced behavioral navigation system for the world. 

Do more with your behaviors:

  1. Convert

  2. Combine

  3. Collaborate

  4. Share

  5. Sell

  6. Promote

  7. Participate

We make the building blocks of applied behavioral intelligence.

Our mission is to provide the math, science, methods and technology for applied behaviors, behavior networks and behavior standards.  The goal is to create a global crowd sourced platform for behavioral intelligence.

Practical Applications

  1. Turn content and information into step-by-step protocols

  2. Use automation to apply efficacy and safety standards

  3. Pinpoint and address behavioral inefficiencies in populations

  4. Collaborate in a global ecosystem developing and proving solutions to goals


Global hub for behavioral intelligence


Market and industry behavioral silos


Universal dashboard for behaviors


Tailored portals for behavioral missions

  1. Catalog

  1. Groups

  1. Teams

  1. Communities

Introducing isoBlogs™

Crowd sourced, interactive, interlocking, interchangeable durable behavioral content.

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The Problem:

An Applied Behavioral Intelligence Crisis

Searching for why there is no simple and comprehensive way to share lifestyle skills has led to the solution of what PricewaterhouseCoopers identifies as the majority of a $1.2 trillion dollar waste basket in the health care industry alone.  This problem is at the very tip of a behavioral intelligence iceberg.  There is no integrated standard for the development, distribution and proof of behavioral protocols.  What we have found is that common to all sized organizations: those that develop behaviors in the form of step-by-step tasks don't have the skill set to prove they work; those that can prove these behavioral steps work don’t have the skill set to improve or develop them; those that would use these proven methods simply can’t find them; and those that integrate behavioral solutions don’t have a socially trustable platform to distribute and monetize them.

The bottom line is a need for a scalable, universal behavioral expert system.

The Solution:

One Ecosystem For all Behaviors

At the root of this problem is a gold mine of operational behavioral data based on our desire to achieve goals more safely and effectively.

Simply put, the problem is that researchers and scientists, original equipment manufacturers, providers and behavioral content developers, have vastly different expertise, tools of the trade, trade languages and motivations that are not on the same page and yet absolutely depend on each other for effective behavioral change to take root and propagate.  The solution is to build a system that automates the best practices of these different disciplines into a cohesive ecosystem shared by all of the stakeholders in the behavioral chain.  This system enables any individual to become all the experts needed to bring about meaningful behavioral change for individual and enterprise development.

In the ecosystem, isoBlogs users can participate in learning, improving and maintaining as many types of behaviors as their goals in life require, and “isoBloggers” can maintain an indefinite dynamic relationship with the user population.

The Social Benefits: Lifestyle Crowd Sourcing

In health care, lifestyle accounts for 561 million annual ambulatory visits to a hospital that result in a medical order for behavioral change.  In the future, using crowd sourced isoBlogs, a physician can prescribe behaviors from the hospital and insurance formulary that are tailored to the patients’s condition and behavioral preferences.  Using the platform, the patient’s treatment team will be able to track the patient’s adherence to protocols and treatment outcomes remotely through isoStudies, reducing the need for the 349 million annual U.S. hospital follow up visits for lifestyle change.  This use of the platform reduces health care costs and waste, improves treatment outcomes, and increases the double bottom line of revenues and social responsibility.

“At the core of the endeavor to improve the human condition through better behavior is a global network of structured behaviors that are cataloged, studied, and integrated around often intersecting lifestyle and economic goals.  At the end of our research we have arrived at a financially viable solution to a universal public need.”


Introducing the Platform

Ecosystem for behavioral content development, collaboration, licensing and distribution.

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Participate in Global Applied Behavioral Intelligence.


“Every behavior, from those that improve our health to those that keep us safe, share a universal, intelligent design.  These are isoBlogs.”

Development Notes

Beta successes:

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