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isoDepot: Global Exchange for Behaviors and Related Products with Socially Beneficial Goals

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A crowd source platform for mapping behavioral routes to achieving socially beneficial goals.

Our platform leverages the fact that everything we do with a socially beneficial goal shares the same logical structureThere exists a unifying method, structure of best practices and basic scientific design for all human behaviors.  Every person participating in the development and population of this platform is contributing to a global expert system dedicated to improving the human condition.  We are crowd sourcing behavioral solutions one goal at a time to eventually map all human behavioral intelligence.  Whether the behavior advances learning, lifestyle, treatment, process or compliance, all share the same design components and data structure that with sufficient behavioral maps will enable artificial intelligence to be used as a global behavioral navigation system.


Participate in Global Applied Behavioral Intelligence.

Elements and Steps

isoBlogs: Interlocking, Interactive, Durable Content for Behavioral Performance Steps and Products

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isoCoursing: Ordering isoBlogs in Direction to be Taken to Achieve Longitudinal Behavioral Goals

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isoProve: Quantitative Reasoning and Crowd Validation of isoBlogs

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isoVariant: Using Formal Reasoning to Automate Creation of Goals, Hypotheses, and Standards


isoOrgs: Interlocking Population Organization around Behavioral Goals

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Developing A Global

Behavioral Navigation Toolkit



isoDash: Universal Dashboard to Schedule, Manage, Track and Do isoBlogs™

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In The Lab



A universal dashboard for behavioral goals.

Real Time Compliance Metrics.

With isoVariant, real and AI isoBloggers will be able to apply standards while creating isoBlogs. This will enable real time tracking of compliance with the applied standard during the creation steps. Using isoProve, the new protocol can also be validated as both compliant and effective.  When isoBloggers are submitting protocols for consideration in isoBlogs libraries with specific standards, they will be validated with automation.

Do more with your behavior by leveraging the fact the everything we do shares the same logical structure. 


isoPromote: More than Demographics and Searches,  Use Goals, Hypotheses, Details and Results to Target isoBlogs.

isoPromote enables targeting of users by what they are doing and their future goals and refines it by level and phases of their development

Real Time Behaviors Targeting.

A GPS for Behaviors:

Target users and isoBloggers based on demographics and refine your promotion by:

  1. Location (category and sub-categories) of targeted behaviors

  2. Immediate Goals (goals of isoBlogs currently being used) of targeted behaviors

  3. Active Goals (goals in the user’s isoDash Day Plan) of targeted behaviors

  4. Library Goals of targeted behaviors

  5. Hypothesis of targeted behaviors

  6. Details (Level, type and phase) of targeted behaviors

  7. Environments, Variables and Attributes of targeted behaviors

  8. Assessments (quantitative results of isoBlogs) of targeted behaviors