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When Danger Company came to us their problem was to successfully integrate discipleship into the day-to-day behaviors and habits of Christians. 


“I love the feeling of the stress melting away as I come to Jesus through this isoblog. It allows me to feel my dire need for Him, as well as the sufficiency of His grace in my life in all things.”

“I know what to do... Knowing what to do doesn't equal obedience. Doing it does. Lord, help me to trust that you will iron out the wrinkles in my heart. You will deal with my sin and shortcomings as you see fit. Please, Lord, keep me from being paralyzed by my fear and sin, and help me to just trust you and do what you have called me to do. Amen.”

“It's amazing how clearer everything becomes after doing this. Circumstances fade into the background of a loving, sovereign God, and it is only in Him that everything makes sense. I know this, but I don't live in this most days. This isoblog has been great to center me in this truth, even though I have been struggling to keep doing it every day. Today now seems manageable.”

“Starting to see that what God is calling me to is WAY bigger than a single local church, or a role with Danger Company. God is getting to the core of me so that He can give me a vision for my life's work with Him. This is pretty intense.”

“Had to get this done before I hit the road... I felt the stress and pressure just melt away. Nothing is more important than me being absolutely consumed with my King and His business.”

“Well, I got it done... My first isoblog has been created. The value of this is tremendous! The task itself revealed a ton about myself and why I do the things I do.”

“Things are starting to make sense... Way more than I ever thought they would at this point. I'm starting to see the person that God wants me to be, and what my mission should be, regardless of where my paycheck comes from. I’ve got a long way to go, but I'm able to see the trail now at least...”

“Ugh... Not feeling this today, but notice the weight shed right off as I finish this. This is one of those days when this isoblog functions as a life preserver.”

“By far, the most difficult thing I ever had to do on the site was to create my first isoBlog. It's fascinating to me that the more sophisticated the isoBlogs become (sessions, courses, tiered-courses), the easier they are to create! I’m sure that there is a Biblical principle in there somewhere!”

“You have inspired me with your transparency, honest self evaluations and humility. I can see you have the heart of David. I hope to come across more pastors like you. Real people. Real flaws. Real battles. Real faith. At the same time, you are a new creation in Christ. The old has passed away in the eyes of the Lord. Behold the new! Welcome to the new church! We need you.”

“This morning, I literally felt the overwhelm of today melt away, and my perspective shift as I pressed into my time with you, Lord. Rather than looking at my time with you as being insufficient this morning, I am realizing that I not only have more time that I get to sit with you this morning, just the two of us, but that you will be with me all day, and that it's simply a matter of me knowing it. Thank you, Lord.”

“Even as a pastor and Christian leader, it becomes so easy to allow my faith and relationship with God to become something I take for granted. My passion and excitement when it comes to God, just as with other things, ebbs and flows, and I find myself reciting shallow prayers and reading Scripture as though it's just a mundane ritual. Ephesians 6 tells us that the spiritual realm is where the real battle lies, and in a sense more real than the things we can see and touch. I want to live in that reality, and learn to engage God as though I really believe He's going to move and work. Keeping this faith and passion takes hard work, and a commitment to confronting myself with the truths of Scripture all the time, even when the world around me seems to be crumbling and/or growing darker and darker. This faith comes from actually loving God as Jesus commands us to. Going through this every day has helped me to get better in this. What matters is the journey, and not always the destination.” 


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