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We make the building blocks of applied behavioral intelligence.

Our mission is to provide the math, science, methods and technology for applied behaviors, behavior networks and behavior standards.  The goal is to create a global crowd sourced platform for behavioral intelligence.

Why Furious Integrated Training Systems?

A mission to improve the human condition.

Furious Integrated Training System’s founder watched helplessly as several family members and friends suffered because of conditions caused by behavioral choices.  While each of them was a prescription from their respective care providers that boiled down to a simple order to change their lifestyle, none of them were provided a tailored behavioral system to follow to make that change happen.  They were each left to their own devices.  After extensive research and interviews with doctors, behaviorists, addiction specialists, physical therapists and personal trainers, Haile found that indeed all their conditions were each 100% predictable, preventable and/or reversible with the proper application of behavioral intelligence strategies. And yet he found that there was no viable, evidence-based system for administering these solutions.  The lack of a globally accessible behavioral intelligence solution is not just causing the loss of quality life, but also substantial burden on the health care system.  PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates the behavior modification market at between $303B - $493B and estimates there is an additional $1.2T in healthcare waste in this sector. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 311M orders for behavior change are prescribed annually in the U.S. including Diet/Nutrition (116,362,000), Exercise/Fitness (79,600,000), Mental Health (46,411,000), Weight Reduction (28,033,000), Psychotherapy (21,478,000) and Physiotherapy (19,669,000).  After learning the size of the need, Haile became furious. We should all be furious. The name, “Furious Integrated Training Systems” just FITS.

To accomplish Haile’s new mission to improve the human condition, one goal at a time, he set out to design a behavioral intelligence platform to instruct, train, sequence, benchmark, modify, test and prove any behavior protocol across consumer, education, government, non-profit and commercial disciplines.  He immersed himself into the way people live and the way trainers and developers think.  Nearly a decade of research and development later, Haile solidified the backbone of Furious with the HexagonLogic™ Platform. Haile’s isoVariants design is the unique scientific glue that Furious technology runs on, and creates the first-ever technology platform that makes one integrated code for all behaviors with a socially beneficial goal.

isoVariant enables behavioral systems design virtualization for all training, behavior and skills development.  Furious extends social networking into behavioral systems for those individuals and organizations that have a need, desire, and motivation to initiate behavioral change.  By connecting experts to users around specific needs through step-by-step instructions, and allowing users to custom tailor their solution without diminishing effectiveness, social networking becomes behavioral networking with statistically significant, provable results.

Furious solutions are software and hardware independent.  With our system, the Internet now has a behavioral architecture of participation that is infinitely extendable and portable.  Furious enables mobile devices and Internet communities to seamlessly integrate training, lifestyle, behavior and skills development through a single behavioral dash.

Participate in Global Applied Behavioral Intelligence.